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Colorado Educator Pipeline Task Force

What we do

In May 2011, the CDE’s Educator Effectiveness Leadership Team adopted a strategic direction to achieve the department’s vision of effective educators for every student and effective leaders for every school.  One of the seven focus areas of the strategic direction for is to “develop an effectiveness-based system of educator licensing, preparation, and induction aligned with the state’s educator evaluation system.” The CDE has partnered with the Department of Higher Education (DHE) and TNTP to execute this focus area, as outlined in the document below.

Project Overview

The redesign of educator licensure and induction is the first phase of this initiative, and the Colorado Educator Pipeline Task Force provides input and recommendations to the CDE and DHE to ensure that the new system will meet the following goals:

  • Increase the effectiveness of all educators by basing licensure on educator effectiveness, as defined by the teacher and principal quality standards established in Colorado Senate Bill 10-191.
  • Increase the effectiveness of new educators by linking the approval of induction programs to educator effectiveness, so that all new educators come through programs that have a demonstrated track record of success in training and developing effective educators.
  • Improve educator recruitment and retention by making licensure and induction more professionally meaningful and rewarding.


(Note: The redesign of the approval of educator preparation programs will be the second phase of this initiative and will commence in summer 2012.)